Sep 252015

Entourage: The Movie isn’t bad in the same way as films like Transformers: Age of Extinction or Muck are but instead it’s just a self-indulgent flick where Hollywood stars can rub shoulders with one another and have a good time with it. That said, I suppose if you’re a fan of the series, which I was at one point for the first few seasons, this might be satisfactory if only because it’s serves as an extended episode.


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Feb 132010

For some of the script’s shortcomings, I found Women in Trouble to be a surprisingly funny movie. Probably most men will be drawn to the eye-catching artwork, but inside is a good ensemble with heartfelt stories at the core. Now, I don’t want to oversell the movie as some second coming and I’m not entirely sure how women will approach it as there’s some obvious T-n-A there to appeal to the males watching, but I for one was entertained.