Sep 022012

Cold Creek Manor wasn’t as awful as it’s been portrayed over the years but in no way is it very good either. Mike Figgis is normally a competent filmmaker but here the script is half-baked and the acting subpar especially Dennis Quaid who primarily sleepwalks his way through. The Blu-ray at least offers above average video and OK audio.



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Jul 082012

Even with some necessary suspension of disbelief, Frequency is a well crafted film with fine performances from Jim Caviezel, Dennis Quaid and Andre Braugher. The story is finely written and the premise is certainly interesting and above all else, original. The Blu-ray offers up more than adequate audio and video transfers while the features have all been ported over from the DVD release.


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Feb 232012

Footloose is the kind of movie that by all accounts shouldn’t work. It’s a remake of a moderately iconic 1980s film that’s more memorable for its soundtrack than the movie itself. However, this remake does manage to differentiate itself enough and pay homage to the original in a variety of ways. The casting was generally well done especially with the two leads.



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Feb 182012

Beyond the bad dialogue, dull as hell storyline and bland characters my biggest issue with Beneath the Darkness is that it offers nothing new. The entertainment value is at a minimal and the plot is so predictable that you’re more or less biding your time until the thing is over to move on to something else. I guess if you’re a fan of either Dennis Quaid or Aimee Teegarden then maybe it’s worth renting, otherwise just pass this on by.


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Jan 072012

Traffic still is as engrossing today as it was the first day I saw it in the theaters 11 years ago. The performances all around are fantastic while Soderbergh’s style, now a standard for him, was unique and beautiful. When it comes to the Criterion Blu-ray release, I’d say it’s on par in the video and audio realm as the Universal release but obviously this is the edition to go with as it contains several featurettes and commentaries.

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Jul 172011

I enjoy Playing by Heart for what it is, a fun, if not overly dramatic, ensemble with some good performances as well as clichéd storytelling, especially in one of the storylines. As far as this DVD goes, it’s a mixed bag as to whether or not it’s worth getting if you already own the original release. This one does have a proper anamorphic transfer though it is heavily interlaced and the framing itself is a bit off.


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May 212010

I saw Legion with a group of people back when it was released in theaters and thought it was truly a phenomenal movie. Sure, there are some scenes that made me go “huh?” and other things of that nature, but honestly I found it to be entertaining enough for me to forego any thoughts of not recommending it to anyone else.


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Jan 182010

I’m going to come right out and say it: I actually jumped a few times while watching Pandorum. There are literally scares, upon scares, upon Dennis Quaid trying to act throughout the whole movie. Yes, that was a clever zinger I put in there, don’t hate on me. Let’s get onto the box-office bomb Pandorum, although in my opinion the film should have been more successful during its brief theatrical run.



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