Jul 082012

The Horse Whisperer is an all around beautiful movie. The story is both heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting, the cinematography is Oscar-worthy (unfortunately it was not nominated), the direction inspiring and the acting, especially from Redford and Thomas, amazing. The Blu-ray has good audio/video transfers but falls flat in the features department.



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Mar 102012

The Town marks Ben Affleck’s sophomore effort following the excellent Gone Baby Gone and once again he makes a well crafted picture with some solid performances, an intense plotline and an all around finely paced movie that proves Affleck has talent in front and behind the camera (especially with a well-written script). This “Ultimate Collector’s Edition”, trinkets aside, has some good features and with 3 cuts of the movie, should satisfy any fans out there.


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 03/10/2012  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Jan 312012

Adaptation is a, well, interesting viewing experience. It’s a film propelled by a fantastic screenplay and incredible performances from Nicolas Cage (who deserved the Oscar), Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper. The Blu-ray offers up good video and audio transfers and although the features are lacking, if you can pick this up for less than $10 and are a fan, then it’s worth picking up.



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Jun 012011

The Company Men is an engrossing drama that gets into the more personal elements of the 2008 financial collapse. The performances while nothing outstanding or award-worthy, are more than adequate especially from Ben Affleck whom I feel is still underappreciated. As far as the Blu-ray goes, the video and audio transfers are good but the features leave much to be desired.



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Jan 292010

I was absolutely enthralled with 2006’s Paris, I Love You as it beautifully showcased the City of Love, Lights, Dreams, Art, et cetera while also giving us stories that made use of each precious minute allotted; and I had high hopes for the follow-up, New York, I Love You where we get to see the City That Never Sleeps. Unfortunately even though the directors try their best to showcase New York, the stories never quite hit the emotional levels (be it for comedy or drama) that I felt with Paris.


 01/29/2010  Blu-ray Reviews