May 172011

The Rite places itself amongst the many others who have tried to tackle the all important question as to what kind of power the Devil and his minions can possess on this earth after which we get the answer and it’s often disappointing. This movie however does have Anthony Hopkins going for it since he seemed to show up on set and give it his all in a role that could’ve been cheesy and/or laughable but lending credibility.


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 05/17/2011  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Oct 262010

Predators may not have been as successful of a franchise reboot as last year’s Star Trek in terms of quality, but as someone who wasn’t as enamored with the original as some, I thought there were some elements that did work and the casting was well done. The Blu-ray has good audio and video presentations and the features are pretty good.


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 10/26/2010  Blu-ray Reviews