Aug 122014

The Secret of Santa Vittoria is a well made film with gripping drama, with a bit of comedy, which excels thanks to the performances from the venerable Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani. The Blu-ray released by Twilight Time is surprisingly light on features with only a trailer, but the audio and video transfers are both top notch, so for any fan out there, this might be worth the premium price.


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Jun 242011

Unknown isn’t a particularly special film and it’s nowhere near as great or suspenseful as Taken, but on its own, this is a well developed picture that Neeson fans and those who enjoy a simple mystery will find this to be a fine way to spend two hours on a movie night. The Blu-ray has good video and audio transfers but the features are few and far between, unfortunately.


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 06/24/2011  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps