Nov 282016

Punch-Drunk Love isn’t one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s greatest work, yet it’s still a lovely film nevertheless, what was most impressive then and now is seeing that Adam Sandler can turn in a well done, dramatic performance and paired with the exquisite Emily Watson makes for a poignant little romance-drama.


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Aug 232014

Blended isn’t nearly as bad as some of Sandler’s other recent “works” (i.e. train wrecks) because unlike something like Grown Ups 2, I actually managed to laugh (even mildly) a couple of times and, well, it actually had some semblance of a plot even if it is convoluted. And although the material is substandard, the re-pairing of Sandler and Barrymore is a welcoming sight.


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Oct 202013

The first Grown Ups movie wasn’t anything special but it did provide a few laughs and a relatively coherent plot, Grown Ups 2 on the other hand has no real plot to speak of but worst of all, there’s no real laughs and seeing this cast back together is hardly enough to hold the film together. I’m not sure where the old Adam Sandler went but based on his recent track record, I’m afraid he’s gone for good


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Jan 202012

It’s rare to come upon a movie that’s so obnoxious and worse, void of laughs but Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star does it so damn well. The character seems to be a cast off of from “Saturday Night Live” and the entire movie is just one misstep after another. I can’t give Swardson too much crap outside the fact he did have his hand in writing, but otherwise this is a definite skip.


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Jun 162011

Just Go With It might’ve sounded good on paper, or at least on the stage since it is based on a play, but the practicality of it even within the romantic-comedy realm just doesn’t add up. We have two characters that we’re supposed to like, and in fact at times do, but when you take a step back, their actions make no sense.


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Jun 272010

Here are the preliminary box office numbers for the weekend of July 25th to the 27th:

  1. Toy Story 3 – $59.0m (-46.5%) / $226.6m
  2. Grown Ups – $41.0m (new) / $41.0m
  3. Knight & Day – $20.5m (new) / $27.8m
  4. The Karate Kid – $15.4m (-48.5%) / $135.6m
  5. The A-Team – $6.0m (-58.3%) / $62.8m


10. Jonah Hex – $1.6m (-70.3%) / $9.1m

Personal Thoughts:
Ouch for Jonah Hex, at this point Warner must be praying that Saint Christopher Nolan comes through for them again after he made 2008 a year to remember after The Dark Knight‘s massive box office. I’m certain Inception won’t be that big, but it certainly has the possibility of breaking out, but seeing how this summer has been, I’d be surprised to see it make it past even Batman Begin‘s $205 million domestic take. Will it follow Summer 2010’s trend or be next to Toy Story 3 as a breakout? Good news for Warner is, they’ve got part 1 of the final Harry Potter movie coming this November…

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