Jun 022014

RoboCop actually isn’t that bad of a movie and taken on its own, it’s at least enjoyable enough. However, unlike its 1987 counterpart, it’s unlikely to be remembered years from now and like Total Recall (a movie I actually liked), will be a mere footnote alongside so many other remakes and reboots. This one has a few things going for it from an eclectic cast to wonderful production design and cinematography.


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 06/02/2014  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps
Jan 262013

Not without its flaws, Seven Psychopaths is still a funny, endearing and charming movie with well-rounded characters and a unique story making for a surprisingly enjoyable and memorable experience. Colin Farrell continues to show that when working on smaller budgeted pictures, he’s a good actor and with Christopher Walken, you’ve got a winner.



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 01/26/2013  Blu-ray Reviews, Screen Caps