Ratings Explained


Here is a quick explanation about the ratings you will find for our DVD and Blu-ray reviews. The biggest thing you should know is the ratings for the audio and video portions for Blu-ray reviews should not be considered on the same level as their DVD counterparts and only compared against other Blu-rays.

Onto the ratings:

5/5 — Perfection
4/5 — Very Good
3/5 — Bordering on Mediocrity
2/5 — Pretty Bad
1/5 — Terrible
0/5 — The Worst of the Worst

Just as me giving a 5/5 in any aspect of a review is rare for me, so is giving a 0/5 as you have to have made one of the worst movies (or have the lousiest audio and/or video) in history. Those two ratings are reserved for special films both ends of the spectrum. I have found that most of my ratings, for movies at least, are in the 3.5 – 4.0 range and Blu-ray audio/video around 4.0 as I haven’t encountered too many bad transfers.’

Also, in regards to special features, on Blu-rays with exclusives there is a separate rating. The rating alongside “Special Features” are only for those that are not exclusives so it is not an overall rating of the features section.