Jan 092011

Check out the 3D Blu-ray review for Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest in the video game adaptation franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife. The horror-thriller-adventure stars Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates and Wentworth Miller. How does the 3D effects stack up on the home video market? How does it measure with the previous installments?



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Jan 052011

If you’ve enjoyed the previous seasons and/or specials,  “The Universe: The Complete Season Five” is a pretty good season exploring more elements of the universe and educating viewers on some real interesting scientific aspects mixed with some cool graphics to aid the visuals and show what happened – or what could/will happen – to our universe and plant earth.

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Dec 292010

I think Easy A is such a gem mainly because it has numerous references to 1980s John Hughes films and does so without copying it and instead paying homage in a fun and entertaining way. Emma Stone is well deserving of the award nomination accolades she’s received thus far and I only hope the Oscars will gives her props as well.


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Dec 272010

Case 39 is a mess of a film and it’s no wonder why it had a hard time finding a U.S. distributor for three years not to mention the reshoots. I can applaud Renee Zellweger for trying something different away from the safety of the comedy and drama genres, but the character was all wrong for her but most importantly, I’m not entirely sure what actress could tackle and succeed in this movie.


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Dec 262010

Unless you have a 3D Setup, it’s hard to recommend this film as an actual film. It’s really a great 3D presentation of how to do 3D. The film itself has a plot as thin as a nose hair, and the reason to watch it is because of the sweet 3D dance moves. The Blu-ray thankfully has great picture and audio, and fans will enjoy the small sampling of features.

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Dec 262010

Step Up 3 has a plot as thin as a nose hair, and the reason to watch it is because of the sweet 3D dance moves. The Blu-ray thankfully has great picture and audio, and fans will enjoy the small sampling of features.

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Dec 222010

Shrek: The Whole Story 4-disc box set may not be perfect in terms of features, but the audio and video transfers are all great and worthy of an upgrade over their DVD counterparts. As for the movies themselves, it may not be to the level of Pixar’s Toy Story movies but even the weaker third entry was at least bearable.


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Dec 212010

The A-Team might not have hit all the notes the filmmakers’ were aiming for, but it’s still one hell of a ride. The casting was well done even if it’s a bit odd to see Liam Neeson with silver hair like he does; Bradley Cooper does his successful comedic schtick that suits his character so well; and Rampage Jackson, while not great, was a good enough casting choice in such an iconic role.


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Dec 202010

Here are the box office results for the weekend of December 17 – December 19, 2010:

1. Tron Legacy (Buena Vista) – $44.03m (new)/$44.03m
2.Yogi Bear (Warner) – $16.41m (new)/$16.41m

3. Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage Trader (Fox) – $12.39m (-48.4%)/$42.75m
4. The Fighter (Paramount) – $12.14m (+3,945.0%)/$12.57m
5. Tangled (Buena Vista) – $8.78m (-38.8%)/$127.92m

8. How Do You Know (Sony) – $7.84m (new)/$7.84m

Personal Thoughts:
It seems Tron Legacy‘s opening weekend were in-line with most sane predictions and for a sequel to a film released 28 years prior, it’s not too bad, yet at the same time it’s still underwhelming given all the hype (which I never bought especially since the original Tron is only available via third party vendors at very high prices, thus I never had a chance to even see it). Yogi Bear thankfully did not do the same sort of business that the Alvin and the Chipmunk movies did during this same period of time, How Do You Know despite a pretty aggressive TV ad campaign barely made a blip and will be out of theaters pretty soon it would seem, while The Fighter rises up the chart thanks to a mass theater expansion and some Golden Globe nods. The one movie I plan on seeing in the coming weeks is Black Swan as I’m interested to see what the buzz is about, plus I am a fan of Aronfosy’s previous works.

Dec 202010

I didn’t buy for one second anything these experts presented about the possibility of aliens bringing forth various technologies centuries ago as the science experiments and some testimonials by certain scientists just don’t whole much weight with me. I do believe that there could be alien life out there for the sheer reason that the universe and solar system is so big and largely unexplored, but the theories presented in this first season of “Ancient Aliens” fails to prove anything and instead uses conjecture.

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Dec 192010

Knight and Day is a fun action flick that knows what it is and is not. The plot isn’t the least bit complicated and the primary villain, despite being played by a capable actor, is hardly a worthy adversary to the heroes. Meanwhile, as Cruise approaches into his 50s, the man probably hasn’t looked better playing the action hero we all know and love from the 90s and seems to be having a great time.


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