May 062013

Iron Man 3 is hardly the perfect comic book movie and while it certainly was better than its predecessor, which was more of a prequel to The Avengers, it didn’t quite meet the standards of the first movie. Even so, Downey Jr. once again hits it out of the park and the plot itself, albeit simple, was engaging enough. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the villains although Kingsley and Pearce give it their all. Iron Man 3 is a fun, entertaining film perfect to kick off the theatrical summer season.


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Jan 252010

I went on opening day to see The Lovely Bones, hoping to see a film that was advertised as a mystery/thriller type of flick. Instead, what several others and myself witnessed was a giant mess of a film that was two-plus hours long that took forever to start, forever to end, and left us wondering what the heck was going on.


Jan 062010

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most surprisingly unusual films of 2009; not necessarily in a good or bad way, just unusual for the fact it’s a PG-13 historical action-adventure directed by an R-rated gangster-comedy-drama centric Guy Richie. It’s also a reintroduction of a prominent British character played by the equally prominent and of the past few years, on-fire American actor in Robert Downey Jr.


Nov 242009


The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the second entry, following last year’s monstrous debut for the first in the series of novels to make the big screen. The first movie introduced newcomers and fans of the book to the characters and setup the plot that we knew would happen in the second film. It’s also worth noting that the third movie is slated for a 2010 summer release already, meaning that there is no stopping the giant momentum this series is likely to have for quite some time. But is the sequel better than the first, or has the series run out of steam before it left the station?