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This is a rundown of Mill Creek’s Retro VHS Releases coming out in January 2019: Happy Birthday to MeHardbodiesKrullLast Action HeroSilent Rage and Who’s Harry Crumb?



Mill Creek Retro VHS Slip Covers

Happy Birthday to Me [Buy on Amazon]
1980, 111 Minutes

Popular high school senior Virginia Wainwright (MELISSA SUE ANDERSON) survives a freak accident, but suffers from memory loss and traumatic blackouts. As she attempts to resume a normal life, something terrible is happening – her friends are ruthlessly murdered one-by-one. Will she be the next victim or is she the killer? The terrifying truth is finally uncovered at Virginia’s 18th birthday party… and you’re invited.






Hardbodies [Buy on Amazon]
1984, 87 Minutes

When three middle-aged geezers move into a swinging beach house, they hire a young stud to teach how to score with the local beauties. ‘80s band Vixen and hundreds of Southern California’s hottest swimsuit models co-star in this cult comedy.







Krull [Buy on Amazon]
1983, 121 Minutes

Prince Colwyn (KEN MARSHALL) sets out on a daring journey to rescue his young bride who is held captive by the Beast. But slayers and alien beings under the command of the Beast oppose him at every turn. Colwyn must first reach a faraway cavern to recover the legendary Glaive, a key to phenomenal powers, and then continue his search, witnessing sights and events beyond his wildest imagination. Facing the Beast, Colwyn must use the magic of the Glaive to save his fantastic planet from annihilation.






Last Action Hero [Buy on Amazon]
1993, 131 Minutes

Following the death of his father, young Danny Madigan (AUSTIN O’BRIEN) takes comfort in watching action movies featuring the indestructible Los Angeles cop Jack Slater (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER). After being given a magic ticket by theater manager Nick (ROBERT PROSKY), Danny is sucked into the screen and bonds with Slater. When evil fictional villain Benedict (CHARLES DANCE) gets his hands on the ticket and enters the real world, Danny and Jack must follow and stop him.





Silent Rage [Buy on Amazon]
1982, 101 Minutes

A sheriff (CHUCK NORRIS) kills a murderer whose body is then donated to science. Three doctors operate on the body using a revolutionary drug that not only brings the criminal back to life but also gives him super-human powers. When the resurrected man begins to kill again, the sheriff faces the difficult task of hunting him down.







Who’s Harry Crumb? [Buy on Amazon]
1989, 89 Minutes

Harry Crumb (JOHN CANDY) descends from a long line of sleuths, but the well-intentioned private detective tends to turn the simplest case into a disaster. That’s why Harry’s maniacal boss, Eliot Draisen (JEFFREY JONES), selects him to investigate the kidnapping of a rich heiress; Draisen himself is behind the crime and he’s hoping that Harry will perform as dismally as he usually does. But, with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, Harry may end up cracking the conspiracy despite himself.

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