Nov 302017

Transformers is something I more or less hold the same opinion about when I watched it in theaters, 10 years later. It’s not terrible by any stretch and most of the action is well done, but the acting is subpar and the dialogue even worse.


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Nov 282017

Scarecrow is a bit of a gem, one that I honestly never heard of though I guess it’s easy to get lost amongst the 1970s classics like The Godfather, Rocky, Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange just to name a few. Hopefully with this Blu-ray it will be re-discovered.


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Nov 242017

Woodshock was a film that was hard to sit through, not because of the emotional plights of its main character played by Kirsten Dunst, but because the story was nonsensical and had a third act that was utterly pretentious, nearly on the same level of Terrence Malick.


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