Feb 202014

These are only here to give an idea of the movie’s video quality and may not be truly representative of it.

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  1. Did you also have the opportunity to try out the 3D version on blu ray ? was thinking about picking up the 3D copy but was looking for feedback on the 3D effects and if they where worth the extra cost. I know the theatrical verision was amazing but hadnt heard what the Blu Ray 3D was like. Thanks for the review.

  2. Unfortunately Warner only sent me the standard BD/DVD combo pack. For some reason they don’t send 3D combo packs to some sites.

  3. Well I am please to say the 3D Bluray was worth the extra money. While not amazing, there was very good depth, only a couple pop out scenes. But the 3D was definatley above average. Worth the money if anyone was wondering.

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