Apr 162013

These are only here to give an idea of the movie’s video quality and may not be truly representative of it.

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  1. Michael chiklis does not sport an Aussie accent, just a bad English one, his partner Bill had a better English accent

  2. Ah, well either way it was a bad accent, lol.

  3. It appears at the end Ray Liotta (man in suit) shoots Nick’s (Sean Faris) brother Patrick (JORDAN BELFI) in the head while he’s in the hospital? Yet he shows up one week later at Nick’s appt.?
    What is up with that? It also could’ve been Nick himself (the actors look alot alike, so its hard to tell)
    -yet he too is alive 2 week’s later? Also it loks like Liotta is the dead guy in the car that Yuri ‘took care of’
    Hmmm- I’m confused…can u help me with this Movieman? I just saw the movie & I agree a disappointing & confusing (to me anyway) ending.

  4. It’s been so long since I saw it, but I think it was someone else he shot. I’ll have to find my copy and re-watch it…

  5. Ok, I’d really appreciate it. When u have a chance, fast 4ward to the near end, when the guy is n the hospital bed & Ray Liotta shoots him. Then 1wk later he (Nick) or the brother (Patrick) are definitely alive & well at Nick’s apartment as he is putting 2gether a crib when Patrick suddenly rings the door!
    This shocks & confuses me.
    If this is the case, it would hafta b one of the biggest movie mess-up’s of all time!
    It’s the only reason I searched this & I found ur site the most informative.
    Again, what a way to end a film? If someone has been shot n the head & he’s most def dead-
    then shows up a week later with his head attached, no scars & no talk of it- is beyond strange.
    Thanks Again

  6. Hi Sonya, I just saw this movie on STARZ for first time. I thought it was Nick’s brother too until they showed him alive. After that, I think it was Aaron (the diner worker that got shot when Charlie got shot). He was the informant. That’s why he was going to try to be a hero with the knife.

  7. Yeah, it was the guy who was wounded on the floor in the back of the diner who Liotta shot. Confusing for sure though.

  8. Thanks John and Ray. That explains it !

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