Apr 082013

These are only here to give an idea of the movie’s video quality and may not be truly representative of it.

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  2 Responses to “Review: The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia BD + Screen Caps”

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  1. Movie review: OK, we can get this out of the way and move on. Capitalizing on the name of the first one that had marginal success doesn’t save this movie from obscurity. This has nothing to do with New England at all, just a blatant attempt at making money off the name. Shame on Hollywood. OK, movie, family moves into a haunted house (really haunted by the number of ghosts that are seen) and the usual plot ensues. The writers busted out the book of clichés that every haunted house movie contains. So, of course, the mother (Abigail Spencer) can see dead people and they are pretty much everywhere. He daughter also apparently has this ability as well, speaking with a Mr. Gordy throughout the movie. Problem is this movie plods along through all the plot and throws in a few scares to keep the viewer happy (or bored, take your pick). Well, all of a sudden, the movie tries to get all serious on you, but by this point, it is far to late. I have to say the acting was done well enough to make you actually care about the family, so at least they took the time to develop the characters which is a plus. The daughter(Emily Alyn Lind) is adorable but mark my words, if you watch this from beginning to end, you WILL despise the name “Heidi”, it is only yelled about 500 times in this movie. The F/X and cgi are horrendous to the point of laughable and a complete distraction to the story that is trying to be told. The based on a true story thing (hype) is so far fetched to reach connecting this movie to the Wyrick haunting is also laughable. If you liked the first one, you may get something out of this, maybe. I found this to be more or less how to “piss off the audience” and the writers said “let’s start with the movie title, and leave everyone wondering why the movie takes place in Georgia exclusively”. Fun fact, the movie was filmed in New Orleans, so they couldn’t even do justice to Georgia either.

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