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Road Trip is a fun movie that unfortunately doesn’t get mentioned with the likes of American Pie or even Van Wilder and indeed it’s not as good as either one yet still provides plenty of laughs and gross-out humor to satisfy fans. The cast shares some great comedic energy and having Amy Smart in the movie doesn’t exactly hurt things either.




  Road Trip(2000)


The Movie
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Genre(s): Comedy
Paramount | R/Unrated – 93min. / 94 min. – $19.99 | May 15, 2012

Directed by:
Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips & Scot Armstrong (written by)
Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Rachel Blanchard, Tom Green

Theatrical Release Date: May 19, 2000

Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Music Video, Trailers
Number of Discs:
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Audio: English (DTS-HD MA 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1), Portuguese (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
1080p/Widescreen 1.78
English SDH, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Disc Size:
29.1 GB
A, B,

THE MOVIE – 3.75/5

Road Trip opens with Barry (TOM GREEN), one of those people who seem to live at college and are going nowhere in their lives, as he takes a group of high school prospects and their parents on a tour of Ithaca College and telling of an adventurous story: Long-time childhood friends, turned romantic couple, Josh Parker (BRECKIN MEYER) and Tiffany Henderson (RACHEL BLANCHARD) go away to separate colleges but vow to stay true to one another, communicating via phone or video tape mailed across country, something that immediately dates this movie; even American Pie had broadcast Jim’s sexploit across the Internet…

In any case, Josh has become frustrated when he’s unable to get a hold of Tiffany, fearing she’s seeing another guy. Best friend E.L. (SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT) encourages Josh to forget about Tiffany and move onto hottie friend, Beth (AMY SMART). Meanwhile, Jacob (ANTHONY RAPP) has a major crush on Beth and he’s the teacher’s assistant in a philosophy class where Josh is failing and needs a B+ on the final exam to pass. So with the situation with his girlfriend apparently unraveling, Josh attends a frat party which involves a woman auction and, to help out, bids on Beth despite Jacob’s attempts to outbid him. Josh decides to cut loose and soon enough, he and Beth are back in his dorm room where the two get it on, including her idea to film the exploits.

Unfortunately for Josh, the day before, he had filmed a message for Tiffany which he had asked friend Carver (PAUL COSTANZO) to mail off – this was all before deciding he and the girlfriend were over. As you might guess, Carver instead sends the sex tape and Josh becomes horrified when that morning gets a message from Tiffany that she had been away after he grandmother had died. You might ask why Josh hadn’t bothered calling at her home, but it’s a comedy after all so one shouldn’t put too much thought into it and just go with the flow.

So, with the help of the neurotic Kyle (DJ QUALLS) for the use of his car and credit card, E.L. and Carver accompany Josh on a cross-state trip to Austin hoping to arrive within 3-days to get the package before Tiffany does. Their journey takes them into the Pennsylvania back roads, has E.L. stealing a bus from a school for the blind kids and partying it up at an African American frat house. At the same time, Beth discovers Josh has a girlfriend and decides to take a trip to tell her the truth but thanks to Barry’s ineptness in his confusion of Austin with Boston, she heads there instead resulting in an innocent guy getting the snot getting kicked out of him by his girlfriend.

Will the guys get there in time? Will more insanity ensue once they get there? Will Josh get back to take his exam or get kicked out of college? These answers and not many more will be answered because otherwise it wouldn’t be an outrageous comedy.

I remember seeing Road Trip when it was released on DVD back in late 2000 and not thinking much of it. Not sure if I wasn’t in the right mindset but seeing it again over a decade later, and I must admit, this had me laughing, or at the very least chuckling, from beginning to end. It also helps seeing the beautiful Amy Smart in one of her first major roles, and although she’s far more sensuous in the two Crank movies (and Starsky and Hutch for that matter), there’s something about her in this movie that’s even better for whatever reason.

As raunchy buddy comedies go, the core friends seem to share some great chemistry with one another. Breckin Meyer plays his usual self as that nice, but cool, guy who gets into an extreme situation; DJ Qualls is the quirky little guy who somehow hangs out with the fun crowd; Paul Costanzo is the smart guy with wisdom and pot to share with all; and, of course, Seann William Scott plays that guy who is the life of the party in any room he enters (not much to distinguish him from his American Pie character except he’s not quite as intense). Oh, and Tom Green? Basically it’s a typical role for him back then after making it big with his MTV prank comedy show.

Directed by Todd Phillips, who you might’ve guessed by the Blu-ray cover just might’ve directed The Hangover, Road Trip is a fun comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously but also doesn’t go too overboard in the raunchy humor (comparatively speaking to some of the crap seen today in the direct-to-video market). Each cast member, even Tom Green in his small doses, shine and having a hottie like Amy Smart headline the female role doesn’t hurt either.


This release comes with both the R-rated and Unrated versions which has never been available on the same disc in the past (if you wanted both, you needed to buy two DVDs). All the features – except Cast/Crew Bios, Production Notes and DVD-ROM content – have been ported over.

Ever Been on a Road Trip? (4:55; SD) is a basic featurette containing interviews with the cast and crew talking about the story. It’s really nothing special and probably was made to advertise the movie rather than offering up any insights into making the movie. It’s better than nothing, I suppose. This also has Tom Green interviewing the cast and crew as they talk about taking road trips and working on the production.

Deleted Scenes (10:54; SD) – Here are a selection of outrageous scenes that for one reason or another failed to make either cut. A few of these were funny, including another dream scene between Meyer and Smart, but wouldn’t have really fit into the movie.

There’s also a Music Video (3:53; SD) for “Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues” by the Eels, a Teaser Trailer (1:51; HD) and 2 International Trailers (2:12/2:25; HD).

VIDEO – 4.0/5

Paramount releases Road Trip for the first time on Blu-ray and for the most part, it’s a fine looking transfer. The film is presented in 1080p HD and a 1.78 widescreen aspect ratio (originally 1.85) and although it’s hardly perfect, the detail levels are good and there’s a fine amount of film grain/noise. I did notice on occasion some dust marks but it’s fairly limited and doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. Comparing it the DVD, it’s a modest to good upgrade.

AUDIO – 3.75/5

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track sounds good and surprisingly, there’s a fair amount to judge on this Blu-ray where you have general dialogue, some choice songs from the era and even an explosion. While I don’t think it’s a great lossless track since the depth isn’t prominent, it still serves its purpose and never gets too quiet or too loud, so the sound levels seem to be even throughout.

OVERALL – 3.5/5

Overall, Road Trip is a fun movie that unfortunately doesn’t get mentioned with the likes of American Pie or even Van Wilder and indeed it’s not as good as either one yet still provides plenty of laughs and gross-out humor to satisfy fans. The cast shares some great comedic energy and having Amy Smart in the movie doesn’t exactly hurt things either. The Blu-ray offers up improved video and audio transfers but the features, albeit mostly ported over, are still lacking.


Brian Oliver, The Movieman


Check out some more screen caps by going to page 2. Please note, these do contain spoilers.

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