Apr 192011

I host all the Blu-ray screen caps on Photobucket but have noticed that at random, a lot of them get downgraded in quality so if you encounter any caps of 250kb or below, please add a comment in this post and I can re-upload with the proper caps. I will post when I have done so and all you need to do is clear your browser cache and the higher quality caps will be there.

I have no idea why Photobucket does this but it is irritating and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  1. Almost all of your screencaps are lower than 250kb, some even lower than 125kb. Charade, Crazy Heart, The Ghost Writer, The Illusionist, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Informant!, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Nine, Poseidon, Sherlock Holmes, Ninja Assassin, Invictus, From Paris with Love, Avatar, Brooklyn’s Finest, Armageddon, 2012, The Box, Armored, Edge of Darkness, Se7en, and probably many more…

  2. Yes, I know. Unfortunately they were downgraded by Photobucket. I have to re-upload all of them to get the original higher quality caps but wanted to know which ones to do first.

  3. Okay, here is my short wishlist:

    1. The Illusionist
    2. Crazy Heart
    3. Brooklyn’s Finest
    4. Salt
    5. The Peacemaker

  4. Thanks Frank. Probably tomorrow I’ll get those re-uploaded (finishing reviews for No Strings Attached and Daydream Nation).

    Kind of PO’d Photobucket does this. I did some experimenting and I have some caps that are over 1mb yet even those PB immediately compresses them by 30-40%. I did a comparison between the two and it’s really no (or very, very little) difference but it’s still the principle of the matter…

  5. Did you replace any of those screen caps yet?

  6. Not yet. Have a ton of reviews to get to first. I hope to during the week, however.

  7. I have re-uploaded The Illusionist and Crazy Heart. However, they’re still getting degraded some (not too noticeable but annoying none-the-less). I did discover my originals are on there but have to be downloaded. I will try something in the future for people to be able to download the actual screen caps if they so choose.

  8. Why don’t you try a different site for uploading screen caps (Imagebam, Imageshack, Imagebanana) ?

  9. Problem is, IIRC, Imageshack also charges you (and far more expensive) but I’ll look into the others some time later. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

    Edit: Looking at Imageshack’s website, the issue I had was it was limited bandwidth which could come into play and disable all my screen captures. What I may do is interchange between the two.

    Edit 2: And I just remembered why I stopped using Imageshack… I had uploaded some images and suddenly, and seemingly at random, some just started disappearing. No idea why it was happening but it was irritating.

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