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Warner Home Video has announced the digibook releases, on May 24th, for the director’s cut of the epic Civil War drama Gettysburg starring Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger and Martin Sheen and the Extended Director’s Cut of Gods and Generals featuring Jeff Daniels and Robert Duvall. Check out the features, technical specs and high-res artwork for each within.






Warner Bros. has announced a May 24th, 2011 release date for the civil war drama, Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. The Blu-rays will come with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. Each Blu-ray will retail for $34.99. Gettsburg: Director’s Cut has a running time of 271 minutes (4 hours, 31 minutes) while Gods and Generals: Extended Director’s Cut clocks in at 280 minutes (4 hours, 40 minutes).


  • Commentary by Ronald F. Maxwell, Kees Van Oostrum, James M. McPherson and Craig Symonds
  • Featurette: The Making of Gettysburg narrated by Martin Sheen
  • Featurette: The Battle of Gettysburg narrated by Leslie Nielson (1955 Documentary)
  • Featurette: On Location
  • Featurette: Ron Maxwell’s Invitation to Take the Journey Through Hallowed Ground (NEW)
  • Interview Gallery
  • Maps of the Battlefield





  • Commentary with Ron Maxwell, Keith Gibson and Professor James Robertson
  • Extended Cut Commentary wtih Maxwell, Gibson and Robertson (NEW)
  • Introduction by Ted Turner and Ron Maxwell (NEW)
  • Featurette: Gods & Generals – Journey to the Past
  • Featurette: The Life of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
  • Featurette: The Authenticities of the Film
  • Music Video: “Cross the Green Mountain” by Bob Dylan
  • Featurette: Ron Maxwell’s Invitation to Take the Journey Through Hallowed Ground (NEW)

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  1. The movie “Gettysburg” is the most moving depiction of this horrific battle that I have ever seen. It shares the stories of each side accurately and without partiality. The cast is so aptly selected even to actually resembling the original heroes and each actor gives a brilliant performance. Actor, Jeff Daniels, is absolutely OUTSTANDING in his role of Federal Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain–his interpretation makes this colonel come alive as a true ‘man of honor’–very brave but also very humble. The soundtrack so well fits the movie, being both chilling and beautiful. What a masterpiece!

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