Jun 272010

Here are the preliminary box office numbers for the weekend of July 25th to the 27th:

  1. Toy Story 3 – $59.0m (-46.5%) / $226.6m
  2. Grown Ups – $41.0m (new) / $41.0m
  3. Knight & Day – $20.5m (new) / $27.8m
  4. The Karate Kid – $15.4m (-48.5%) / $135.6m
  5. The A-Team – $6.0m (-58.3%) / $62.8m


10. Jonah Hex – $1.6m (-70.3%) / $9.1m

Personal Thoughts:
Ouch for Jonah Hex, at this point Warner must be praying that Saint Christopher Nolan comes through for them again after he made 2008 a year to remember after The Dark Knight‘s massive box office. I’m certain Inception won’t be that big, but it certainly has the possibility of breaking out, but seeing how this summer has been, I’d be surprised to see it make it past even Batman Begin‘s $205 million domestic take. Will it follow Summer 2010’s trend or be next to Toy Story 3 as a breakout? Good news for Warner is, they’ve got part 1 of the final Harry Potter movie coming this November…

As for the new movies this weekend, while yes Knight & Day managed to do slightly better than what was feared, taking in $27 million in five days spells trouble for Tom Cruise (more so for Cruise than Cameron Diaz as I never bought her as a box office draw anyway). Does this mean Paramount will rethink Mission Impossible IV? I doubt it. Or at least I hope not as M:I III was a fun return to a dormant franchise, though I have to wonder if Cruise is right anymore for it or if people are generally tired of him despite his tries to put his couch-jumping, Scientology ranting persona behind him.

And then there’s Grown Ups, a movie that proves that even with unfunny trailers, Adam Sandler and company can still open a film in the low $40 million range, not many actors have that consistency (Denzel Washington and maybe Will Smith are the exceptions), but people like Sandler.

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  1. When Do I get to start doing commentary *Sniff*

    Oh Look, Cruise bombed (haha…).

    Heads up MI4.

  2. Warner Bros is just out to lunch this year. But even worse is the state of DC Comics films…The Losers was the worst movie I’ve seen yet this year, so I can only imagine how crap Hex is…I think Inception will be a hit. I think Avatar proved that people are interested in something original, and the trailers for Inception have been nothing short of breathtaking.

    A couple other guys who’re generally consistent Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey…I looked at Tom Cruise’s filmography the other day…I couldnt believe the amount of classics/hits were on there…he was THEE biggest movie star in the world…boy did he fuck himself.

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