Apr 182010

The After Dark Horrorfest Vol. 4 is a disappointing bag of tricks. I’ve been faithful to the series since it came out years ago but now I’m starting to wonder if the series is completely over with. Well I know that’s not true due to the insert within the DVD, although I am starting to think the series has jumped the shark.


Dread / The Final / The Graves / Hidden / Kill Theory
Lake Mungo / The Reeds / Zombies of Mass Destruction

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Apr 172010

Jade may be underrated in its vitriol but by the same token it’s still not a very good movie even with some erotic sex scenes meant to titillate and instead are weird (nothing new from Friedkin) bordering on boring. You add in a plot that isn’t very intriguing and a lead actor who is even less so and you’ve got a movie that deserves to be forgotten.



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Apr 102010

Quick update: I have added a theatrical release schedule page where you can see what’s coming up in a simple, no-frills list. I’ve included the main players including higher-profile writers and/or directors. I have also extended the list through 2011 and 2012, though a good number are still in the unconfirmed stages at this point.

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Apr 062010

For an adult, this is a Wes Anderson film with animals. With his captivating storytelling, excellent detail sets, and a rocking Audio track, I can’t recommend it enough.


I can’t believe more people haven’t watched this. I haven’t seen a cartoon this good since Nightmare Before Christmas. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an absolute masterpiece in nearly every way. It’s hard to think of anything wrong with this.