Nov 132018

Incredibles 2 might not be top-of-the-line Pixar but it undoubtedly a fun and often funny family movie that is a great way to spend two hours and certainly brings back the good memories of the first film from over a decade ago.


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Nov 122018

Air Force One is a strange film, a kind of film from simpler times I guess but after 20 years, for the most part the film holds up well, mainly for the performances by Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman more so than the dated visual effects.


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Nov 062018

Community is an entertaining show that for whatever reason I didn’t watched when it was on TV. But now with a Blu-ray release, it was a great experience catching up and although there are a few episodes that were merely okay, the bulk were utterly hilarious thanks to the sharp writing and its ensemble cast.


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Nov 042018

The Big Lebowski has garnered a huge following over the course of 20 years and it’s easy to see why with some easy to quote lines that, often times, relates so well to real life. I’ve never been a huge fan of the movie though have grown to appreciate it over time.


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Nov 032018

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a well done if not kind of pointless adaptation of a series that’s still on the air. Even so, the in-jokes is what carried it for me more so than the humor, voice acting or the animation itself, which I’ve never been a big fan of.


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Nov 012018

I have decided to only post DVD reviews on their own page, which you can find either hovering over “Categories” along the top and selecting “DVD Reviews” or just click here.

 11/01/2018  Site News
Oct 312018

Batman: The Animated Series is easily one of the best animated shows ever, able to transcend generations appealing to both kids and adults alike, and from a technical standpoint a (darkly) wonderful achievement with the design to go along with the pitch perfect voice castings.


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